High Rocks at Dusk

Beautiful Gia

CONDO HELL at Family Grocery

Amy testing out a prop

Taking a break from the sun under the umbrella

Skype Rehearsals! All the cast members were in LA and Amy and Mary were in Rhode Island so most of the prep and rehearsing was done online!

Amy and Brian Labella, on-set chef!

Amy and Gia

Amy & Daniella in office scene

Camera Angles

CONDO HELL Shooting Script

Amy directing in Skype rehearsals

Mary Reavey, Actress and High Rocks Resident

In the Dungeon!

Shooting in the Basement Lobby

Pop takes a break with the KILLER!

Shooting the opening scene!

Gia checking her microphone

Discussing the shot


Evan and Keith Moran working as the crew

Amy Wade and Josh Csehak discussing a shot

Alex and Amy taking a break

Cast and Crew at the tower

Best Friends: Gia Franzia, Amy Wade, Patty Isas, Daniella Devarney

Amy and Josh discussing a shot

Alex and Patty taking a break

Director, Amy Wade, thinking about a shot

Amy Wade and Mary Reavy

Amy Wade directing

Checking for location shots

Cast Reading

Daniella, Gia and Mahta waiting for direction

Movie poster #1

Daniella working her yoga

Gia Franzia

Working on blocking

Wicked cool brothers

Wayne Stemmler

The Mill crew

The Mill at dusk

The Fields

The crew checking out Stephanie Wilson

Taking notes

Wayne Stemmler rehearsing

Sun break

The Tower

Josiah and Isaac - WE LOVE THEM!

Gia Franzia and Samantha Faber, Make-up and Hair

Mary Reavy taking a break



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