AMY WADE - Director of Condo Hell

The irony of this film originates from the West Coast and travels across the country to the East Coast, where CONDO HELL was made. The location of the movie is important due to the fact that I moved to Los Angeles when I was 17 to become an actress. My life's journey led me on a path that eventually came full circle.

I never imagined that moving back East would lead me to making a film. It still seems surreal to me. It was the summer of 2009. I was worried about my father, who was still working full time at an old mill in Rhode Island. He couldn't retire due to financial strain, and I knew it was wearing on him. At that time, I had lived away from home for 20 years. My parents weren't going to be around forever. Something in my heart told me to go home. It was the strongest, most intuitive feeling I've ever had in my life. I never doubted it was the right decision.

The day I packed up my car, I heard that Michael Jackson was dead. He was my favorite singer of all time. How odd that he died on one of the most significant days of my life? I was numb as we (my dog, my cat, and myself) drove out of town. I looked in my rear view mirror to see Los Angeles slipping away.

I decided to work with my "pop" at the old mill until he retired. I hadn't given up on acting yet, I still had many more years of pursuit within me, but I knew that I had to "turn it off" for the time being, so as not to drive myself crazy thinking about any missed opportunites that might be happening.

The day I stepped foot in the mill I couldn't help but fall back into my acting roots. It was the perfect placet to shoot a horror movie. I told my pop I would do it one day. I know he believed me. But for the time being, I promised myself I would forget about acting and focus on getting my father into retirement. My job was to help the construction crew, (the mill was being converted into condos) clean the mill, and make sure everyone was happy. Three years later I felt the intuition again. It was strong, and it was telling me to make the movie. I asked my pop for permission. He said yes. I flew to Los Angeles to brainstorm with my best friends. We came up with a storyline and the characters. I wrote the screenplay on my return flight. We immediately scheduled a shoot date and pre-production began.

Throughout this entire process, I realize that if I hadn't moved back home, I never would have made this movie. Now there's the irony. And the rest is history.


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